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  • Pencil Case: Rainbows

    10.95 inc. VAT

    This cool pencil case keeps all your pens and pencils securely in one place. Made from the same durable material as the backpacks, it is lined in the inside, has a zip top and handy strap for carrying. Naturally the pencil cases match perfectly with Little Lovely backpacks, Lunchboxes, Lunch /Snack Boxes, Straw Bottles & […]

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  • Wish on a Rainbow (Boho) Wall Stickers

    49.9589.95 inc. VAT

    Introduce the magic of a rainbow into your nursery. No matter your age, it will be hard to look at these beautiful rainbow wall stickers and not feel a sense of awe and wonder. Rainbows have been considered good omens for thousands of years, and there’s nothing wrong with hoping for a little luck at […]

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