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Here’s the perfect kit for the little builder back home. A tool case made of FSC-certified wood and dovetail joints with everything for kids who love to screw and fix things. It sounds “click-click” when you rotate the chuck. By changing the bits, you can transform it from a drill into a screwdriver at any time. The kit also contains toy screws that come in a wooden box with threads in the bottom where you can fasten the screws. You can also use the hand screwdriver or pliers for the most difficult construction tasks. For everything to be straight or if you need to measure something, there is of course a square that can fix the job.
There is a burnt tool pattern on the front of the box and a fabric handle so you can carry the bag with you when your friend or grandfather needs help. There will not be a crooked painting insight after you have been there.

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3-5, 5+ Yrs, 6+





Kid's Concept

Kid’s Concept is a Swedish design company founded in 2007 dedicated to creating functional and innovative products which encourage more playtime for all children. Kid’s Concept designs products to help simplify life with children and give them the opportunity to enjoy a childhood that is both safe and fun. In the words of Lotta Hellenius, Designer & Product Developer for Kid’s Concept, “When designing a product, we need to start from the child’s perspective by making sure we develop products that meet the needs of children and encourage the little ones to play, learn, and improve their motor skills and fantasy. Our toys need to be safe and functional, and they must comply with Kid’s Concepts’ high quality standards.”
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Length in cm 25
Width in cm 7.5
Height in cm 14
Diameter in cm 0
Other dimensions Screwdriver: 15×4,5×11,5 cm. Set square: 15,5×9,5×1 cm. Piler: 11×4 cm.
Number of parts (mounted) 12
Functions The chuck on the drill can be rotated and the power button pushed in. Click sound when rotating. The bits and drill are exchangeable with threads inside the chuck of the drill and hand screwdriver. The storage box with the screws have holes with internal threads to fit the screws. The handle can be removed and is attached with velcro.
Net Weight (g) 815
Paint Type Water based color


Tool case, small box, bit: Linden plywood. Screws, hand screwdriver, drill: Birch. Set square, pilar: Beech. Screwdriver: Birch, beech. Handle: Cotton.



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