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This outdoor kitchen or mud table in KID’S HUB is a versatile play set that offers various uses and features. It includes a plastic sink that can be used with water or sand, allowing children to engage in sensory play and explore different textures. The hanging water container with a tap provides convenient water storage for their play activities. The mud table can transform into a play kitchen, offering imaginative play options such as playing chef or running a coffee shop or outdoor restaurant. The upper shelf provides a surface for placing various goods and items, encouraging organization and role-playing scenarios. The lower shelf is designed to hold pots, pans, or garden utensils, allowing children to engage in gardening play or simulate cooking activities. It offers easy access to their tools and encourages tidiness and responsibility. The mud table also features four hooks on the side, providing a convenient place to hang gardening tools or towels. This keeps the tools within reach and easily accessible during playtime. The top shelf serves as a storage or serving space, while the two zinc pot holders can be placed in holes on the top shelf for additional storage or as a display for customers or plants, depending on how children choose to play.

Additionally, the bottom shelf offers extra storage for larger tools or other gardening items, ensuring that everything has its place and promoting organization skills. The mud table is constructed with durability in mind, capable of handling the weight of supplies and tools, ensuring long-lasting playtime fun. Overall, the mud table is designed to encourage imaginative play, organization, and role-playing scenarios. It provides a versatile space for children to engage in various activities such as sensory play, gardening, cooking, or running their own pretend establishments.

Recommended Age: 24 months+
Product Dimensions cm (LxWxH in cm): 70 x 45 x 84
Other Dimensions: Height table top: 60 cm.
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Boys, Girls, Neutral


Kid's Concept

Kid’s Concept is a Swedish design company founded in 2007 dedicated to creating functional and innovative products which encourage more playtime for all children. Kid’s Concept designs products to help simplify life with children and give them the opportunity to enjoy a childhood that is both safe and fun. In the words of Lotta Hellenius, Designer & Product Developer for Kid’s Concept, “When designing a product, we need to start from the child’s perspective by making sure we develop products that meet the needs of children and encourage the little ones to play, learn, and improve their motor skills and fantasy. Our toys need to be safe and functional, and they must comply with Kid’s Concepts’ high quality standards.”
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Materials & Care


Outdoor kitchen: FSC-certified pine | Sink, water container: PP | Container: Aluminium.


Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Check regularly that all screws are tight and that all parts are intact.


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