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  • ba- the rocking whale

    Original price was: €375.00.Current price is: €240.00. inc. VAT

    „ba“ is a rocking whale as much as a friendly play buddy that every child or parent will love! Rock and balance through wild waves or just relax and dream on a smooth lake – with ba you can do all sort of things. Special features include: comfortable position to sit & rock on, smooth […]

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  • da- the jumping rabbit

    Original price was: €225.00.Current price is: €146.25. inc. VAT

    Jump and bounce with „da“ like with a bouncing ball! Once you are tired you can comfortably rest on „da“ while drawing or reading. Thanks to its two paws and little tail your friend doesn’t roll to the side when he is not in action but patiently stays upright sitting there – always ready to […]

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  • bou- the rolling elephant

    Original price was: €395.00.Current price is: €256.75. inc. VAT

    Roll around with „bou“ the elephant. Just take a seat and go on a ride with him. Once you are tired take a book and enjoy hanging out in this elephant. Your dolls and plush toys will love going on a stroll with you pulling „bou“ behind you! When it is time to sleep they […]

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