Montessori learning tower PENGUIN 4in1 with chalk board for children

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The Montessori Learning Tower Penguin 4-in-1 with Chalk Board for Children, is a versatile and educational piece of furniture designed to promote children’s independence in daily activities. This learning tower is specifically designed for young children and includes a chalkboard feature, making it an engaging and interactive tool for learning and creativity. Its sturdy construction allows children from 18 months to 6 years old to safely explore their surroundings, aiding in their cognitive and physical development. The Montessori Learning Tower Penguin 4-in-1 with Chalk Board is a valuable addition to any child’s learning environment, providing them with a safe and stimulating platform to engage in a wide range of educational activities.

Benlemi in Malta



Benlemi was founded in 2015 by Michal Pomp. His aim was to provide families around the world with unique furniture, that is made out of natural materials. In the same year they started introducing their first products. These were hand-weaved ecological hanging chairs made of willow twigs which are very popular right now. A year later, they moved on to producing children's house beds made of solid wood as well as a Montessori collection. Nowadays, the company is not only popular in Czech Republic but also in Europe and around the world. View Catalogue
Benlemi in Malta


Two levels of standing: Step at a height of 30cm or 45cm
Load capacity: up to 50kg
Dimension: 45.5 cm width x 90.5 cm height x 40 cm depth

Winner of the Grand Prix MOBITEX 2022