Tropical Safari – Zebras wall stickers

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Introduce the magical atmosphere of our tropical safari collection into your nursery. No matter your age, it will be hard to look at these beautiful wall stickers and not feel like you are in the middle of a wonderful safari adventure. Combine these lovely zebras with our other tropical safari sets and create a magnificent safari themed room.

Our wall stickers are made of the highest quality 100% PVC-free fabric material with a beautiful matte finish. The premium-quality material make our wall stickers look as if they were painted on your wall. It’s like magic!

Our wall stickers are super easy to apply, and create a fun and magical space within minutes. Simply PEEL & STICK and create a beautiful space for your child. Our wall stickers are the perfect alternative to wallpaper!

Our wall stickers can be removed and reused multiple times without any damage to the surface! The special ‘micro-suction’ adhesive allows you to position and reposition the stickers extremely easily, without bubbles forming and the stickers do not tear or stretch. They are perfect for renters or if you like redecorating when your little ones grow out of it!

Our wall stickers can be installed on any clean and smooth surface and are recommended to use on water-based non-washable paints. Both, we and our customers, have found that our products will also adhere to slightly textured surfaces, such as woodchip wallpaper.


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Mica Mica means ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ (little star) in Latin. Mica-Mica was founded by Michael and Christina who were inspired to bring their designs to life by their daughters Livia and Lea. All Mica-Mica products are made with love in Germany with one goal in mind, that is to inspire children's imagination and to make their little eyes shine.  Mica-Mica’s range of carefully designed removable wall stickers, wallpapers and prints transports children into a beautiful fantasy world, planting the seeds of curiosity, imagination and creativity in them.
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– 100% PVC-free

– Non-toxic self-adhesive fabric

– Super easy to install

– Easy to remove and reusable

– Environment friendly printing

– 100% recyclable material

– Made with love in Germany

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