Savannah Wallpaper

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This wallpaper is a dream come true for every toddler. A real paradise world, African Savannah Adventure with lots of animals that every child loves!

The pattern is repetitive and the animals are arranged in such a way that there is no possibility that you will cut any of characters in half while fitting the wallpaper to your wall.

Important features:

The wallpaper starts with an elephant. Half an elephant to be exact as the whole figure would be about 150 cm – 180 cm and in some cases it will take up half of the room! The elephant appears on the wallpaper once and then the pattern is repeated without the elephant.

The pattern is divided into panels – 50 cm wide. The animals are arranged in such a way such that their heads are more or less at the same a distance from each other. Therefore, when cutting the panels, there is no possibility that the giraffe’s head will split or that the toucan will lose its beak! Evenly distributed animal figures also help to adjust the wallpaper to the dimensions of the wall.

How to order a wallpaper?
First, measure the wall’s width. Then, take a look at our reference drawing, where we have visualized what your wallpaper will look like when ordering, for example, 3 or 6 panels (3 panels = 150 cm wide, 6 panels = 300 cm). Finally, order as many panels as you need for the size of your wall. The visualization shows the arrangement on a wall with a width of 400 cm. If your wall is longer, the pattern will repeat again from the 5th panel.

Before applying the glued wallpaper, please try putting it against the wall to see how it looks.

Please take note of how high the animals are: the elephant is 155 cm tall, the giraffe – 230 cm tall, and the flamingos are between 140 to 190 cm tall. A tiny lion cub hiding behind leaves is 65 cm tall, and the trees in the background are climbing to a height of almost 252 cm.

Price is for one panels measuring H280 cm x W 50cm.

Get in touch with us if you need assistance with quantities required for your wall.

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Dekornik is the most recognizable brand of Polish Wallpaper and Wall Stickers. It was founded in 2009 by Kasia Bachor who was inspired by the wonderful decorations in the tiny boutiques of Montmartre, Paris and went on to implement charming French design to Polish apartments. After five years, Kasia and her growing team decided to do only what brings them the most fun, that is, decorating children’s rooms and since 2014, Dekornik has shifted towards designing wallpaper and stickers for the little ones. View Catalogue
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Material & Instructions

The wallpaper is printed on refined paper that beautifully reproduces colours. It is durable, matte and snow white.

The material is certified non-flammable and meets all the requirements of the European Union.

The paper is non self-adhesive, therefore we recommend using non solvent based glue to apply it.

Note, before applying the wallpaper, the wall must be cleaned thoroughly and must be free from dust or grease. Wallpaper can be applied on the walls only after approx. 20 days from the last painting.


To ensure that multiple panels are from the same batch our wallpaper is available on a pre-order basis.

Delivery within two / three weeks.

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