Monochrome Jungle Wallpaper Mural

46.00 inc. VAT

Available on back-order

Our  Monochrome Jungle Wallpaper Mural is the perfect addition to your nursery or children’s room.  It tells such a beautiful story and creates a calming scene.
  • Price is per sqm
  • Supplied in 94cm wide panels making it easier to hang
  • Panels are butt joined so no overlaps
  • Non-woven, high quality 147gsm wallpaper
  • Paste the wall – adhesive applied to the wall

When measuring dimensions of your wall, please add an extra 6 cm to the total height and width to allow for uneven walls.

Get in touch with us if you wish to view a sample of this wallpaper and / or need assistance with quantities required for your wall.

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Munks & Me

Munks + Me is a print house in the U.K. specialising in Wallpaper, Murals and Wall Art for nurseries and kids’ spaces with designs intended to feed kids’ imagination and add a magical experience to their little world! You can mix and match prints to suit your own unique decor style or customise a mural to fit around furniture or an odd-shaped wall. Whether it's a Jungle or Under the Sea Mural, an Abstract Mural with matching Wall Art or a Character World Map Wallpaper, Munks & Me has something that you and your little one will love, so have a look and have fun finding your perfect fit!
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Instructions & Care

Please read these instructions carefully before hanging your wallpaper or mural. It is advisable that a professional decorator is used.


  • Remove any old wallpaper and loose paint.
  • Walls should be dry, clean and even.
  • Walls should have at least one coat of primer on them before applying the wallpaper, to ensure a strong adhesion.
  • Roughen painted surfaces with sandpaper before applying the adhesive.


  • Please ALWAYS lay out the wallpaper on the floor first before you hang it to make sure the panels all line up and match perfectly.
  • Please ALWAYS start the hanging from left to right hanging first PANEL A, B, C and so on (like reading a book)
  • This is a paste the wall product. The decorator should paste the wall and not the back of the wallpaper.
  • A good quality, solvent free, fungicide protected ready-mixed ‘tub’ adhesive – specifically for paste the wall non-woven papers should be used.
  • Paste should be evenly applied to the wall to hang one length at a time, to an area slightly wider than width of the paper.
  • Butt joints and use a decorators brush to smooth down the wall covering, working from the center to the edges to express air bubbles.
  • Avoid squeezing paste out of the joints and ensure paste does not get onto the brush or roller.
  • No paste should be allowed to come into contact with the surface and hands should be kept clean and dry whilst hanging the wall covering.
  • Paste will damage the surface. We cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused by paste.
  • Should any paste have been allowed to come into contact with the surface, it should be lightly sponged whilst still moist, using a clean damp sponge.


The wallpaper should be cleaned by dusting with a clean dry brush or by brush accessory on a vacuum cleaner.


Our wallpaper is customised according to the dimensions of your wall and is therefore made to order. Please expect up to three weeks for your order to be delivered.

IMPORTANT: When selecting your wallpaper size, please make sure you double check the measurements before putting them in or emailing them to us, as our wallpapers are made to order and cannot be returned, so this is a very important step. We also recommend you add an extra 5cm to the total height and the width, as walls and ceilings are often not straight and we need to allow for trimming.

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