Botanical Beauty B&W Wallpaper Mural

40.00 inc. VAT

Available on back-order


For a quote, get in touch with us and provide us with your wall dimensions. To attain the correct dimensions for your wall mural please ensure you measure the widest part of your wall and the highest part of your wall. When measuring dimensions of your wall, please add an extra 6 cm to the total height and width to allow for uneven walls / trimming.

  • Price is per sqm
  • Custom Made to your dimensions
  • Supplied in max. 96cm wide panels making it easier to install
  • Non-woven, high quality wallpaper (180gr/m2)
  • Adhesive applied to the wall
  • Full installation instructions provided
  • Delivery time: approx. 7 days after ordering


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Boys, Girls, Neutral


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Sir Edward

Sir Edward was an adventurer & an explorer. From South America to India, Sir Edward sought new worlds, unknown species of animals, exotic flora, forgotten kingdoms & undiscovered cultures. Captured by the marvels that this planet has to offer, he wanted to show its treasures to the world & share its incredible beauty. Although about every part of this planet has since been discovered, people nowadays seem to become more & more eager to explore the world again. Now that everything we could want is a mouse click away, we start to notice that the true wealth can be found in the great diversity of the natural world & old cultures. Like the explorers of the past, we want to bring some of the world’s most mesmerizing places to your homes & hearts.


To clean your wallpaper just use a clean soft sponge and water. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners.