New York! New York! Shelf with stickers

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The shelf is made of high quality plywood and comes with a set of stickers which can be applied on  the front of the shelf. This is the coolest part of it all!


  • The shelf’s dimensions are 42 cm x 62 cm.
  • The template with stickers measures 42 cm × 62 cm and consists of 14 self-adhesive stickers. They can also be gently peeled off the shelf at a later stage without damaging the wooden shelf.
  • It has two shelves for placing light objects. The depth of the shelves is approx. 10 cm after assembling.

What’s important, no tools are needed to assemble this shelf, neither a screwdriver nor nails! The shelf may be hung on the wall with small screws that you will also find in a package. The screws are then covered by the horizontal shelves so that after hanging the shelf on the wall, it all looks neat!

Have fun and wonderful decorating!

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Dekornik is the most recognizable brand of Polish Wallpaper and Wall Stickers. It was founded in 2009 by Kasia Bachor who was inspired by the wonderful decorations in the tiny boutiques of Montmartre, Paris and went on to implement charming French design to Polish apartments. After five years, Kasia and her growing team decided to do only what brings them the most fun, that is, decorating children’s rooms and since 2014, Dekornik has shifted towards designing wallpaper and stickers for the little ones. View Catalogue
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Product Details

What will you find in a package?

  • self-assembly plywood shelf
  • two screws for applying the shelf to the wall
  • a set of stickers to decorate the shelf (or the wall around of you like)

Material: Plywood

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