‘Cute Forest Animals’ Mirror

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This mirror serves as a great ‘helper’ when your little ones  are learning to do things on their own, such as brush their teeth or comb / brush their hair. It has the perfect dimensions to put it next to their bed and put a brush or a hair comb on the shelf. It also fits perfectly in a hallway, so that everyone can take one last look at themselves before leaving the house!

Dimensions: W44cm x H52cm (mirror pane: 35 cm)

What will you find in a package?

  • self-assembly plywood shelf with a sticker on the front and mirror (already attached);
  • horizontal shelf, which you only need to insert into the cut out spaces;
  • two pins for mounting the shelf with mirror

Attention!  The mirror is covered with a protective foil which creates an additional layer which protects it from the dirt and scratches. It should be removed prior to installation, by pulling gently from the edge.

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Dimensions: W44cm x H52cm (mirror pane: 35 cm); Thickness of Plywood: 1cm; Depth of horizontal shelf: 6cm.

Material: Shelf Plywood; Mirror Plexiglass so as not to hurt your little one, even if the shelf falls off the wall.

Plexiglass distorts the image if we stand 1 m away from the mirror. The image is perfect when we stand close.

Important: The assembly of this shelf /mirror does NOT require any additional tools / screwdrivers / screws / hammers.

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