Tryco offers affordable products with a trendy up-to-date design. Every shape and colour is chosen with care and love taking into account the trends that are popular at the time and what attracts a child’s attention. In addition only premium materials are selected and Tryco products arrive in your children’s hands after extensive monitoring and thorough test procedures with a view to meeting all legal safety requirements.


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  • Wooden Hammerbench

    9.95 inc. VAT

    The hammer game is ideal for developing the child’s eye/hand precision and coordination. Baby can have fun hammering the holder to knock down all the wooden nails! The bright and fun colours will stimulate the baby’s sight. The hammer bench consists of a work bench, 6 nails and a hammer.

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  • Wooden Multi-Activity Table

    37.95 inc. VAT

    There are many activities to explore on this fun table!  You can ride a car, play the xylophone, complete the puzzle, play with the moving blocks and gears or have fun with the beaded spiral. The activities will help the child to develop fine motor skills and will keep them busy for a long time. […]

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