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Ki ET LA Sunglasses – Size & Style Guide

Struggling to find the right pair of sunglasses for your child?

Try out the Ki ET LA visual fitting guide to find your favourite style and the best fitting sunglasses before placing your order.


Using the Sunglasses Fitting Guide

  1. Print the document in landscape format and using its original scale (100%)
  2. Cut out the model of kids sunglasses you would like to try on
  3. Optionally, shade in the sunglasses with your favourite colour
  4. Glue one side of the sunglasses to a stick and start trying your on kids shades with your new carnival sunglasses mask


 * Confirm that the sunglasses model is printed to scale by using a measuring tape or rule across the scale found on the bottom right of each page.


If you are undecided between two sizes of sunglasses, we advise you to choose the bigger size for your growing child.


Sunglasses Size Guide

Sunglasses can be measured using a  measuring tape. Measure the width of your child’s face between the two temples: this is the temporal gap.

Ki ET LA - How to Measure Kids Sunglasses
Ki ET LA Children's Sunglasses Size Guide


The DIABOLA model of sunglasses are made for babies up to 1 year old through a reversible design offering two different ridge sizes for 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

This model is only available on pre-order.


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