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Ki ET LA – Helping you choose the right size clothing & hats

Clothing Size Guide for Kids

Ki ET LA - How to Measure Kids Clothing


Stature is taken while standing or lying down (depending on the child’s age). Measure your child from the feet to the top of the head.


The bust is taken horizontally from the middle of the chest.


The waist is measured in the hollow of the waist.


The hip size is measure at the widest point.

Ki ET LA Children's Clothes Sizes

Hat Sizing Guide for Children

Knowing the size of your child’s head is essential to finding the right size of headwear for your child.

A child’s head is measured by wrapping a tape measure around their head, 1cm above their eyebrows and ears.

Do not wrap the measuring tape too tightly to ensure that the hat does not pinch your child while wearing it.

Ki ET LA - Hat Sizes for Children
Ki ET LA - Hat Sizes for Kids

The size indicated on the product is the maximum size available and recommended for each age group. We suggest that you purchase one size up from the size chart – this will give your child’s head room to grow into their hat.

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