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Done By Deer – Happy Home 2021

We invite you to explore the playful mood of the Done by Deer’s Happy Home 2021 collection in the film below – We have a number of their products to choose from!

let’s make it splash!

Inspiration for Done by Deer’s Happy Home 2021 collection comes from both above and below the water and you will soon see a new playful ocean world featuring our Sea friends unfold in the kids room, at the dinner table and beyond.

Little ones will be thrilled when their Deer friends peek out from the dinnerware to say hello. They will continue learning and have fun with their familiar friends during playtime, bring them along when going places and find comfort in them when it’s time for a rest or a longer Zzznooze.

In the company of a favourite Deer friends, anything is possible and there’s no limit to the adventures waiting to be explored by imaginative little minds.

Dive in!

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